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  • By ordering, you acknowledge that you have reviewed all information under the Custom Print Pricing tab
  • CS Designs retains ownership of the prints until payment has been made in full per the invoice provided by CS Designs

  • Output should be 240 - 300 dpi and must be in an sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998 colorspace. If the file was converted to grayscale, it must be resaved in RGB.
  • If the file needs to be resized, you will need to include a note indicating the final size of output in the "message" area of the submission. Most software applications degrade output significantly during resizing; for best quality output, we are happy to resize images at no additional charge. If we are resizing, we will need you to supply a cropped image with the correct aspect ratio.
  • We need a small bleed on each side (0.1" - 0.2") depending on the size of output. We recommend that you put any signatures or text a safe distance from the edge of the print.
  • By default, images "float" 0.625" away from the wall due to the backer frame. If you would like the image to "float" 1.25" from the wall, you will need to include your preference in the "message" area. This is an additional cost item and is typically only used in images 30" x 40" and larger. If you do not wish to have any backer frame (you are just ordering the aluminum print itself), you will need to note this on the file submission as well.
  • Set-up charges may apply and there will be a charge for retouching.
  • Image restrictions apply (no nudity or graphic violence as an example) and we retain the right to reject any artwork deemed unacceptable by CS Designs standards.